Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

FAQ for Kitchen Custom Painting 

 How to prepare the cupboards:

 The first step of a properly painted kitchen is the preparation of the cupboards. They should be cleaned down with a heavy cleaning agent to remove all of the grease and grime that is often found in kitchens. Once the cupboards have fully dried from your scrubbing then we recommend removing all hardware and hinges.

 TIP: when removing the doors label each one and also include if it's an upper or lower cabinet door.

Once doors have been cleaned, all hardware and hinges removed we suggest a sand of the surface to remove any sheen or shine. Since we will be priming the cabinet doors you do not need to sand right down to the wood. 

The same process will now be completed to all of the trim and any of the cabinetry that is attached to the interior of the house.   

Note: that often times the interior trim is just a vinyl coating or a melamine trim over top of a pressboard we can't sand this type of material.  A good cleaning will suffice.

The cupboards are prepared. Next tape all of the trim around the baseboards and the Cabinetry that is touching the walls or any window frames.

 How to paint your cupboards:

 The first step of painting your cupboards is to prime with a high-quality primer (we enjoy working with Sherwin-Williams products or Benjamin Moore but others are satisfactory as well.)

 Each coat of primer will dry in approximately two hours however it is recommended overnight drawing in between coats.  Two Coats of Primer will be applied.

The same process to the interior trim and Cabinetry attached to the house.

 Next we will begin painting the cupboards.

To paint the cupboards you will paint in the direction that they hang and the grain of the wood, paint the trim pieces and any design elements of the door first with a small artist brush ensuring there are no drops of paint. Thin coats are best even though it will require to have to do several of them.  Once the little trim pieces and any details have been done with the artist brush, use the foam roller to roll the rest of the paint into place.

Repeat this process two to three times on each door, drawer, trim and Cabinetry.

 Leaving a dry of 16 hours in between each coat. So overnight

This will take 4 days to be able to apply the primer and the paint with proper drying time in between.   

Once the paint has dried and all the Cabinetry and trim,  the doors should be reinstalled.

Then a top coat or seal will be applied to the entire kitchen using an oil-based polyurethane for tough durability and a long-lasting finish.   Hardware would then be installed and you're back to business.

 If you choose to hire us to paint your kitchen we follow the above process,  you should note we require you to clean your cupboard doors and the interior Cabinetry and trim that needs to be painted.  We recommend a cleaning product like TSP or Murphy's Oil Soap. Something strong to remove the oils, grease and grimes from your everyday kitchen.   We also asked during covid-19 that you remove the doors, the hardware and the hinges and inside the hinge space label each door number and upper or lower Cabinetry.

 If we are painting the kitchen for you we will pick the doors up one week prior to your scheduled in house visit.   We bring all doors to our studio to be finished there and return them ready to be hung.   For an additional charge we will remove and reinstall your doors (please inquire.)

On our schedule to visit in your home you should expect us to be on site for 3 to 5 days for approximately four to six hours each day the prefered time to be in your home would be from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. ensuring that we are not interrupting school returns, dinners or breakfast.

We provide a final visit to ensure any nicks or scratches from reinstalling or hanging hardware are fixed up to perfection.

Although we have preferences as to what paint we are using on your cupboards and cabinets it truly is up to you we will provide you our professional opinion.   When it comes to painting Cabinetry the key is following the process step by step.   I describe paint like nail polish where that top coat is dry but if you put your hand in your pocket you're going to smear it.. Cabinet repaint takes time to cure and harden each step.

Supplies you will need to complete your Cabinetry makeover (if you wish to do on your own)

 Cleaning solution

 Lint-free cloths

 Scrub brush

 Tarp or drop cloth

 High quality primer

 Cabinet paint of your choice in colour

 Foam paint roller a small size

 1inch artist brushes

 Trim brush

 Sponge for clean up

 Painters tape

 Sharpie marker


 Time and patience

We hope this answered most of your potential questions. Should you require additional information you can email us by replying to this email,  sending an email to ,  or by calling us at 519 504 2726.


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