My Vision

My Vision


I opened Lucy Pearlle in October 2015 as an idea for a furniture refinishing business, originally painting out of my home and selling at small retail businesses within the region .  

I have allowed Lucy Pearlles to evolve organically, opening our Retail location in April 2017, we were focused on Vintage Furniture and refinishing.  This quickly became a struggle in August 2017 when I unexpectedly broke my back and found myself unable to bend or sit.  I did not miss a single day of work, so my recovery took longer than expected.

I decided at that point in time to begin partnering with small business artisans and bring a large sort of products to the community and my followers.  I allowed the momentum to gather.

We are now at our 3 year mark in our retail space and we have seen it evolve and transform greatly over the time.

Now marks a NEW decade,

a decade of change,

a decade of endless possibilities 

a decade to recreate the face and values of retail and interior design

I'm going back to where my passion started.  I'm going back to what makes me get out of bed each day! (I wrote this at 3:17am) . I'm going back to the reason I started.

I have decided to refocus and bring some clarity to my business.  I will be concentrating my focus on Vintage Furniture and Home decor, along with home accessories.  I am placing a large focus on Retold Custom Refinishing.  Painting makes me HAPPY!!

I paint for my mental health

I paint because I have face darkness and it showed me transformation

I paint because it quiets my mind

Painting is a form of Art Therapy for myself, and it allows me to be successful for myself, while being available for my family.

My passion is furniture transformations!  

Lucy Pearlles is more than just a business for me, it's about building a sustainable lifestyle allowing me to focus and use my greatest talents.

Thank you






reclaimed: secondhand vintage furniture and home decor for sale in a boutique setting filled with inspiration

retold: custom refinishing service to provide an update to your furniture

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  • Carey McClement