Reasons you should consider buying Secondhand

Reasons you should consider buying Secondhand

I am so passionate about the concept of 

"we have enough already"

We have enough manufactured.  We have enough in the world that I don’t believe live we need to produce any more right now!

So I want to share with you 3 top reasons why you should consider buying Secondhand Furniture and Home Decor.  I personally believe  that you can build character into your home by owning one of a kind Vintage and Secondhand furniture.

Buying second hand is good for your budget.  Often people underutilize the furnishings found in most common living quarters.  By purchasing a secondhand piece you are saving money and also the environment.    RECLAIMED furniture is the next step in retail.

Buying secondhand allows for more variety into your home bringing out your unique qualities and taste.  You are able to easily give the piece an upgrade by Painting or updating hardware.  Allowing the piece to be RETOLD.

It is more community-oriented.

It creates stories.

It is healthier.

Second-hand furniture doesn't off-gas and fill your home with noxious fumes. Cheap new furniture is often made of particle board, which is held together by formaldehyde, a recognized carcinogen that causes eye and nose irritation. As Lloyd wrote on TreeHugger a few years back:

"The best way to avoid formaldehyde is to buy used, whether it is an older home where it has had the time to off-gas, or furniture that has stood the test of time. Or, buy solid wood furniture instead of particle board."




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  • Carey McClement