We are Different! But we are HAPPY!

We are Different!  But we are HAPPY!

Lucy Pearlle and Covid-19

We have made some big changes over here and all those things look different. 

I want you to know that we are happy!!

 If there is one thing I can tell you it's that change has never held me back.  I grasp change and I flow!   Now, change can hurt feelings,  and we want our clients to know the we love of all of you. 

We love the support you have given us in our retail store,  the events that you have attended and shopped at.   

We love when your children would come to our Christmas Market and attend our summer camps. 

We celebrated with you in our event space welcoming new marriages ,new babies and New Beginnings.   

We opened our doors to teach and lead you through new workshops and classes. 

We loved every single minute of it.

 But the reality is,  we simply are not hosting these events any longer.  We have felt pain, sorrow  and cried through many nights.   We miss you,  We miss what we built.   But We are happy!

 I began furniture restoration as a way to deal with my anxiety,  so only naturally did I feel a calling to go back to my restoration roots during COVID.   We have learned that clients are now living in their homes,  entertaining in their homes,  eating and cooking in their kitchens, and have found a new love for their home.  

 These two factors together have set the scene for success.   We change the way we worked,  We added additional Studio spaces, to accommodate working together, while working apart.

 We have focussed, We have planned,  and We have stabilized Lucy Pearlle.   Although we look different I want you to know that Lucy Pearlle has always had one mission.   The mission is to bring creativity into your day today.   The mission is to transform what you own and what you love into a piece just for you.

 It may be a while before I decide to bring back the retail,  to bring back the event space and to also bring back workshops.   It's a new world,  and our best place right now is being beside you guiding you to make the best decisions for your home's interior and your furniture.

 We want you to spend smart,  we want you to use your money in a way that betters your family,  we want you to feel confident in your home's choices,  knowing that they will fit in your budget while also balancing your family's needs.

 We thank you for continuing to trust us with your furniture restoration, your kitchen makeovers and all your design choices in between.

 Lucy Pearlle is here for a long time (at least tilI i retire)

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