Lucy Pearlle



Carey McClement, owner and curator of Lucy Pearlle Studio and Vintage Marketplace, welcomes you to view her collection available for purchase in store.

 Carey.. aka Lucy, has a passion for all things home decor.  Truly a soul that follows her own rules, self taught in several art forms and she continues to further develop skills and is continuously educating herself with hands on practice.



Manifesting retreat
Regular price $250.00
LP-826 Burled walking stick
Regular price $35.00
LP-825 Burled walking stick
Regular price $0.00
LP-824 Walking cane
Regular price $20.00
LP-823 Walking cane
Regular price $20.00
LP-822 Walking cane
Regular price $20.00
LP- Wicker Bike Seat
Regular price $95.00
LP-115 Window, gold frame/design
Regular price $95.00