Lucy Pearlle



Carey McClement, owner and curator of Lucy Pearlle Studio and Vintage Marketplace, welcomes you to view her collection available for purchase in store.

 Carey.. aka Lucy, has a passion for all things home decor.  Truly a soul that follows her own rules, self taught in several art forms and she continues to further develop skills and is continuously educating herself with hands on practice.



LP-1796 large cut glass vase
Regular price $15.00
LP-1795 cut glass vase
Regular price $7.50
LP-1791 Dog Statue
Regular price $17.00
LP-1789 candle holder trio
Regular price $12.00
LP-1788 teal bowl
Regular price $5.00
LP-1787 teak fish server
Regular price $7.00
LP-1786 shot glasses
Regular price $6.00
LP-1786 Erlangen Beer Stein
Regular price $19.50