Vendor and Consignment Information and Packages


We believe in success for the vendors and artisans and have come up with a competitive package which we feel meets the needs of each individual line of business.  With any new venture, success can’t be measured in days or weeks, but rather months or quarters.  So we will work together and set monthly targets for sales and decide on best ways to showcase your wares.  It would be expected that we have a 90 Day Initial sign up requirement.




Our pricing includes all fees and transactions, there are no hidden surprises for credit card payments etc.  We believe as the business we need to price accordingly so that you can easily budget the costs of selling in our store.


Along with membership in the market, you will be provided discounted rates towards the “Special POP UP Markets” we will host twice yearly.  These markets will explode to the outside of the building and onto the half acre greenspace and parking lot.  Dates are First Saturday in June, and others as planned.  These markets are an opportunity for you to come on site and meet and sell to the customers direct.  (Pricing to follow)


In Summer season we will launch a limited amount of outdoor vendor spaces for you to showcase and sell direct to customers as well.  (Pricing to follow)


Studio space will be available should you want to host classes or private shows etc.  (Pricing to follow)


General things you should know about the business model we are planning to build, Price Point: between $15 - $250; it’s understood that furnishings will be larger price points.  Our market is not Dealers or Collectors, but more the general consumer that loves fine things.  We are not an ANTIQUE STORE.   We aim to be viewed as a Market, a Vintage Inspired Market.


My background, I come from a 20 year career in Business Finance, as a Credit Manager, Underwriter, Collections Agent, Mortgage Broker and as a Business Manager.  I have a sound background in business management and work with several mentors and consultants to ensure I am building a long term business, one that will become a staple to this community.


This is my passion and my dream.  I can provide references of past vendors that have worked with me for recommendation.  You will find I work very hard promoting and building hype to get people in the doors.  Once in the doors, I will create an atmosphere that you don’t want to leave, not only that, but can’t wait to come back and bring a friend.


We plan to bring back old school customer service, purchases wrapped and bagged nicely for you, vintage tunes in the background (no radio distracting you ) In the summer months fresh lemonade at the front counter, and in the winter some warm apple cider.


OK so if you still like this idea and still want to join us, here are some important pricing details for you.


Artisan/Small Vintage Vendor

Consignment split 40% House / 60% vendor

Email: for more information and contract


Artisan – Furniture

Maximum 5 pieces at a time (depending on size)

Consignment split 40% House / 60% Vendor

90 day term

Email: for more information and contract


Personal Consignment - non business / personal collection

Maximum 5 pieces at a time

Consignment split 50% House / 50% Vendor

No designated area, mixed within retail space

This is for general public, non registered business

Estate furniture selling on behalf of family

90 day term with reduction in place for movement of piece



want to join us?